Tom Cruise Look Alike


Tom Cruise Look Alike

California’s most used Tom Cruise Look Alike  impersonator.  His appearances are extremely diverse, appearing on  national and International  television,  traveling across the globe.  Hosting large corporate events, Print work and of course he has been seen on both film and Television. Tom knows how to entertain.

Jerome was raised in the suburbs of Quebec, Canada. As a french speaker, he never expected to impersonate one of America’s biggest A-list actors in California. Tom Cruise.

His passion has always been art. Being English is a language very much practiced in schools throughout Montreal, he felt confident enough to pursue a degree in architecture in Los Angeles, California.

Shortly after arriving to the city most known for its entertainment; he began hearing how he looked very similar to Tom Cruise.
Halloween 2011 came along, and he decided to go as Maverick from Top Gun to a party. The reactions were so positive and intense that he decided to test this out in public.

School visas only offer work if it is on campus. The loop hole is, as an artist you can perform for donations. Jerome put on the famous green flight suit from Top Gun, and went on Hollywood Boulevard. Ironically nicknamed, Boulevard of Broken Dreams. On the first day he ended up being interviewed by Fox News, and making enough in tips that it lured him to continue pursuing this form of work.

Shortly after; he was contacted by a look-a-like agency who began getting him bookings once every couple months. Fast forward 8 years, and Jerome LeBlanc is married and supporting his family with the full time career of being a Tom Cruise impersonator. Receiving three to four bookings a week throughout the country.

He is fortunate enough to have agents scattered throughout Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and San Diego. Expanding his act and the contagious smile that breaks the ice for corporate parties, trade shows, weddings and birthdays.

Although he put his architecture degree on hold, it does not keep him from his creations. With the unbelievable schedule that offers an impersonator; he is able to do it all. Turns out the Boulevard of Broken dreams is not so broken at all.

They say the biggest teacher, is life itself. Jerome always credits the street performing for molding him into the confident performer he is today. It is the reactions of strangers from all over the world, who created his uncanny act of being one of the best Tom Cruise Look Alike impersonators in the industry.

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