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 Eric Finch the #1 Snoop Dogg look Alike and Sound Alike in the world. From Lake Charles Louisiana, enlisted in the Navy 1988 stationed in the Philippines then Camp Pendleton.  Finishing his tour of duty from the armed forces he began his career in show business as a Talent Relations Manager in one of the top clubs in Orange County. Working with Jamie Fox and  rap artists such as Ludacris, Lil Jon, B.O.B. and top DJ’s Sander Van Dorn, Power 106 DJ Reflex, DJ DC. Added to his entertainment resume he rapped with Southland Gangsters who went on to cut a CD and music video.

2013 he launched his Snoop Dogg Look Alike career here in Los Angles and joined Mirror Images team. From that point on he has not looked back. Working on many TV shows to include Great News with Tammy Faye and Nichole Richie, Losing It with John Cryer. Starred in Culture Trip Documentary and  interviewed by Mary Jane Magazine.

Eric is an accomplished tribute artist performing Snoop’s songs, though has had to omit and replace a few limericks for certain audiences. Enjoying his profession his also is very respectful of the celebrity he resembles.

Now his resume spans National/International TV shows, commercials, radio interviews and documentaries.  Has appeared in music videos, hosted corporate events, even… cooking shows. Eric’s home base is now Los Angeles, traveling worldwide as his popularity grows. His amazing resemblance as a Snoop Dogg look Alike is uncanny.

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