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Jim is the Top Richard Gere Look Alike is an incredibly close match to actor and humanitarian Richard Gere.

His uncanny resemblance to Gere attracts much attention from people of all ages wherever he goes, often stopping in their tracks to look or talk and he has enjoyed the many opportunities afforded him when greeting people while in character of his favorite actor.

Jim was born just outside Toronto Canada and shares the astrological sign of Virgo with Mr. Gere with birthdays only 7 day apart. Like Mr. Gere, Jim is also an accomplished musician, playing drums since childhood and continues as part of the same local band for the past 13 years.

It is Jim’s on going goal as the Top Richard Gere Look Alike and entertainer to maintain not only the physical appearance i.e. height and weight but the mannerisms, gestures and voice inflections as well.

“It is important to form a connection with your audience and to create the illusion that they are interacting with the actual celebrity, professionalism is paramount”.

Jim has been recognized as a Look Alike of Mr. Gere dating back to the release of the 1980’s hit film American Gigolo starring the celebrity and Lauren Hutton, Jim has and still is constantly asked “did any one ever tell you, you look like Richard Gere”.

Jim decided to join Mirror Images in Hollywood California, an agency specializing in providing lookalike actors and with their help, guidance and expertise he began his career as a Look Alike actor.

As the Richard Gere Lookalike he is available for: Hosting, Emceeing, Appearances for Film and Television. While traveling across the globe for commercials and photos shoots, he also enjoys live appearances at corporate themed events with meet & greets and photo opportunities.


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