Richard Branson Look Alike


Richard Branson Look Alike


Past life Curt The Best Richard Branson Look Alike was in management in retail for over two decades. Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Army brat, now living in Central Florida.

He had been told well over a thousand times that did he know he looks just like Sir Richard Branson? Finally, the penny dropped, and he decided to pursue a career as The Best Richard Branson Look Alike. Studying videos, watching characteristics that he could emulate and listening to his voice was all part of putting together the illusion. Next was the hair and costuming, hair color was not a problem he had that down. But had to research wardrobe, likes and dislikes. Much like any actor studying for their role.  It takes time and lots of dedication to get it just right.

One of the many similarities between Curt and Sir Richard he found out while on the road to being a professional Look Alike is they are both Ordained Ministers with Universal Life Church. With this title he is able to legally perform Wedding Ceremonies.

Traveling and entertaining as a Look Alike has become an everyday occurrence,whether its Emceeing, hosting, Webisodes, Corporate Events, photo shoot Curt is enjoying his celebrity status. We have yet to have him sent up on the latest rocket to the space station, now that would be amazing!

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