President Thomas Jefferson Impersonator


Steve is the best  Thomas Jefferson impersonator. He
is also called a re-enactor, a first-person historical
interpreter or historical portrayer, a presidential
impersonator, or simply living history. He has studied
Thomas Jefferson for decades, and has portrayed him
throughout the United States and England since 1999;
indeed, Steve considers the opportunity to travel to be
one of the best parts of his work.
As Jefferson, Steve engages guests in casual
conversation during for meet-&-greet events at cocktail
hours, wedding receptions, and parties. His specialty,
however, is as an inspirational and educational speaker.
He shares insights on Jefferson’s leadership lessons in
corporate and convention keynotes, as well as in
government professional-development seminars.
Steve focuses on the historical and patriotic
message of Jefferson’s legacy to challenge audiences at
civic and public events, as well as schools and
universities, to help move America closer to the goal
embedded in the Declaration of Independence: that one
day we will treat all mankind as equals. His clientele
includes Monticello, University of Virginia, the Federal
Executive Institute, the FBI, the National Park Service,
YPO chapters, the American School in London, various
state bar associations, colleges and universities,
community event organizations, and many other
groups across the country.

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