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Dennis the top Donald Trump Look Alike career happened long before the election campaign of 2016, people have commented on Dennis remarkable resemblance to this world famous celebrity character. When Trump announced his candidacy, Dennis produced a video of him descending on an escalator and delivering a mock speech.  He posted it on YouTube, more or less on a lark.  Response to that video led to a photo layout in Vanity Fair magazine, numerous personal appearances and multimedia advertising in 10 countries worldwide and he is still traveling the globe entertaining thousands.

His uncanny natural looks to the Commander and Chief of the United States for the past 3 years is an ongoing occurrence , just  walking down his local Chicago area streets or traveling by air for his many appearances as the top Donald Trump Look Alike can be amazing, even if he is wearing casual clothes. Results are for ongoing requests for selfies from passersby and flight crews.

His appearances for corporate events, not to mention multiple commercials, music videos and TV has made him the top Donald Trump Look Alike in the world. Not to mention his height, weight and of course there is that one-of-a-kind signature Trump coife…Dennis has a custom designed human hair augmentation to top off that OMG look.

Dennis has been a professional musician/entertainer for over 40 years.  His skills in performance and pageantry make him comfortable in appearances at intimate gatherings or for audiences of thousands.

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