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Caroline is by far the greatest Oprah Winfrey Look Alike and impersonator, based out of North Carolina she travels worldwide with many unique opportunity interacting with fans and clients  across the globe and has become a special feature at corporate events, book signings, webisodes, TV and print, and product launch events. Doesn’t matter where she goes she is constantly stopped and photographed, “bringing a smile to people faces is the best part of my job”

Being  an  Oprah Winfrey Look Alike and impersonator has been very rewarding  allowing her to experience and  entertain many aspects of her field. Clients to include Johnson and Johnson, Verizon Wireless, JP Morgan Chase, and Copa Airlines to name just a few. Featured in numerous international magazines and media outlets around the world including the Las Vegas Review Journal, In Touch magazine, Huffington Post,  The Insider, CBS news, BBC, and Legend Magazine.

As a former flight attendant Caroline was exposed to many people from far and wide. This did not hinder her career in fact it was the best way of getting her face  out there, her own social media in person.  Being  an avid fan of giving back…. when she is not on the road she volunteers and her local retirement center. Providing entertainment and flowers to the residents.

The proudest moment in any Look Alikes career she said, was when Oprah told her audience that Caroline looked more like her than anyone else. Caroline knew then  she was on the right track of pursuing her work as an Oprah Look Alike

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