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Ben our Leonardo DiCaprio Look Alike was born and raised in Boston, MA. After college he lived for a number of years in San Francisco and New York working in business development and marketing for technology companies. While living in New York City, Ben started taking acting classes and quickly discovered a passion for the craft. After moving to Los Angeles, Ben continued his acting studies and began auditioning for TV and Film work. He has been fortunate to have landed roles on a number of hit TV shows including AMERICAN CRIME STORY, SHAMELESS, THE MINDY PROJECT, LAB RATS and GIRLFRIENDS among others.

On the film side, Ben has worked on Christopher Nolan’s THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, SCARY MOVIE V, and KILL THE DICTATOR where he took on the challenging role of playing Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy during the heated months following the Bay of Pigs incident.

Throughout his entire adult life that he bears an uncanny resemblance to actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Ever since TITANIC made DiCaprio an internationally recognized star, Ben has been mistaken for Leo everywhere he goes, and typically ends up taking photos with excited fans who approach him every day.

When the Weinstein Company’s SCARY MOVIE V was looking for an actor to play Leonardo DiCaprio look Alike in a key portion of the film which spoofs Christopher Nolan’s INCEPTION, Ben jumped at the opportunity to finally synthesize his acting abilities with his lifetime resemblance to DiCaprio, in which he greatly enjoyed collaborating with legendary comedy writer/director David Zucker (AIRPLANE, THE NAKED GUN) and taking on the challenge of building an impersonation of DiCaprio for the film. Critics praised Ben’s performance in SCARY MOVIE V; with The New York Daily News declaring it, “A damn good Leo DiCaprio imitation” and the Huffington Post calling it a,” terrific Leo impression”.

After the release of SCARY MOVIE V, offers began to pour in from all over the country and the world.

Ben makes appearances as The Best Leonardo DiCaprio Look Alike at Trade Shows, Themed Corporate Events, Product Launches, commercials and has had several spots on talk shows.. Performing Leo all over the world and working with many Fortune 500 companies.

Residing in Los Angeles he is able to audition and book as a professional actor as well as performing as The Best Leonardo DiCaprio Look Alike.

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