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Take a walk down memory lane and relive the antics of America’s most beloved variety show host, our very own Ed Sullivan Look Alike George Trullinger. Multi-talented entertainer skillfully combines his natural acting ability and comic timing to bring life to the stone-faced persona of his celebrity.

He has performed nationally and internationally as The Ed Sullivan Look Alike with one of the best Beatles Tribute shows out there “The Fab Four” and Emceed/Hosted several legends in concerts.

How Ed Sullivan’s and the Beatles’ paths crossed is open to some guessing. The most popular story is that Ed Sullivan and his wife happened to be in London’s Heathrow Airport on October 31, 1963 when they encountered thousands of screaming teenagers. (Ironic, I suppose, as he’d have to get used to such happenings in just a few months!) When he asked what the commotion was all about, he was told that a band called the Beatles were arriving. He decided that such popularity was something he’d love to bring to his American show. Whether that is actually the sequence or not matters not.  By mid-November, Beatles manager Brian Epstein had booked the Beatles. And like the moon landing, we all remember where we were.

So when George steps out as Ed Sullivan Look Alike to greet his audience from behind the curtain the magic begins. His look, acting abilities and voice sound identical to the legendary host that introduces Elvis Presley in 1956 and The Beatles in 1964 both times to the wildly enamored American public.

George is the best Ed out there, his effortless quick wit, one liners and banter creates the perfect hilarious non-stop nostalgic illusion….

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