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Denzel Washington Look Alike

Malcom Xavier Hughes the top Denzel Washington Look Alike was born and raised in Perry, Florida. In 2000 he started his career signing with  Bella’s Modeling and Talent Agency he began his path in the entertainment industry

While learning the ropes  he enrolled in acting classes and began playing various roles in student films at Florida State University.  Next he signed up with several Celebrity Lookalike Agencies and started his career as a Denzel Washington Look Alike.  His first “gig” was a huge event in Trinidad, Port of Spain.  During his appearance, Malcolm had the privilege of meeting the who’s who of Trinidad.  He even met and talked with the Prime Minister and Minister of Education.  The momentum picks up and before long he auditioned for a spot on the “Hollywood Squares” and “Family Feud” game show for their Celebrity Lookalike Edition 2004/8.  He was immediately booked twice and they both ran for a whole week, since then the shows have aired on the Game Show Network over the past years.

2017 was a game changer, auditioning for a lead role in Warner Brothers’ movie, “Game Night.”  where he played the character of Kenny, a guy who favors Denzel Washington and was mistaken for Denzel Washington by one of the main characters, played by Kylie Bunbury.  “Game Night” hit theaters nationwide on February 23rd, 2018.  It came in at 2nd place at the box office in its opening week.  Shortly after the movie hit theaters, there were several publications that mentioned and praised Malcolm’s role in the movie.  Tim Grierson of Mel Magazine wrote: “One of the best bits in Game Night is the revelation that Max and Annie’s friend Michelle (Kylie Bunbury), who’s been with her husband Kevin (Lamorne Morris) since they were childhood sweethearts, cheated on him with Denzel Washington. Well, actually, that turns out not to be true: After we see a photo from their one-night stand, it becomes clear that the guy just happens to look a lot like the two-time Oscar-winner. (She never asked him his name — she just assumed he was Denzel.) So, who’s the actor who plays the Washington imposter?
Say hello to Malcolm X. Hughes, a Denzel Washington Look Alike represented by Mirror Images,

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