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For Johnny Rico, Bruno Mars Look Alike Tribute Artist, it all started back in 2010 when “Just The Way You Are” started to hit the radio. During that time, random people would come up to him and say “You look like Bruno Mars!”. Having no idea who he was and was already out of the loop with who was hot and who was not.

At 15 and half years old, he got into the trending clothing styles and music and began slowly to express it through fashion and dancing. Within 3 years  was able to land a job teaching at a professional dance studio, teach one on one classes, choreograph and what he calls his crowning achievement, get to work with the number one choreographer at that time, Wade Robson for the pilot “Wade Robson Project”, which aired September 1, 2003.

He has now traveled all over the USA performing  as Bruno Mars Look alike Tribute Artist. Finally visiting Hawaii Bruno’s home town. He constantly gets stopped and asked to take pictures young and old alike. Club owners,  Corporate planners and destination managers love him. 

It’s now 2019, Johnny is ramping up his stage show and has now finally decided to incorporate dancers and a band. Turning his act into a full blown show. Rehearsing is in progress looking forward  to be able to give the clients and  fans only the best of  Bruno Mars Look Alike Tribute Artist  out there. 

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