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The best Bill Murray Look & Sound Alike in the industry is ready to help you craft an outstanding event, create engaging videos and high-quality commercials, make your product launch or fundraiser unforgettable, and so much more. All of Mirror Images’ actors are exceptional Look Alikes, expected to meet the agency’s highest standards of performance and professionalism. As part of the talented Mirror Images cast, boasting 1500 Look Alikes worldwide, Bill Murray Look & Sound Alike creates the illusion you’ve been searching for. More than just a double, William is a true artist and a talented, believable performer. Contact us now to book this amazing artist today.

Talent from our vast, global database have been featured in movies and in international commercials, made appearances on TV in the US and Europe, provided models for photo shoots for major publications, and brought high visibility to corporate events. For more information on the kinds of opportunities available, see Our Services. Our high-quality Look Alikes, Sound Alikes, impersonators, tribute artists, doubles, and film and video performers can help make you a stunning success. Mirror Images can also be found on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google Business.

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Bill Murray ``Carl Spackler`` Look & Sound Alike Videos

Bill Murray as Carl Spackler

Bill Murray ``Nick Winters `` Look & Sound Alike Video