Look Alikes and Celebrities Creating the Illusion

We live in a world of illusions: from big screen feature movies, elaborate TV productions (i.e. Game of Thrones, Black Sails, etc.) to online games and cosplay conventions. The Look-Alike industry is an integral part of this. Working in the industry for over 22 years, I have found some very interesting and surprising similarities in these famous people and their “Mirror Image”.

One of my early encounters was while searching for a Harrison Ford Look Alike for a Film Project 2015, one popped up in Iowa. He was a lawyer and the photos he sent were amazing; so we set up a time to speak. When he rang my assistant put him through and said: “I think The Harrison Ford is on the phone”. I picked up and immediately got chills knowing that he was a Look Alike, but I couldn’t believe my ears because he sounded exactly like the celebrity in tone, timing, and phrasing. We chatted further and found his likes and hobbies were almost identical to that of Harrison Ford himself. Someone who so fits the mold of a celebrity like that is rare; so when that special someone pops up, it can be quite an experience, even for a seasoned Look Alike agent.

Similarly, during those early years of our agency,  we received a very interesting email from a physiatrist out of New York. He asked if it was possible he could chat to a couple of my Celebrity Look Alikes, the reason being he had a patient that looked just like a very famous celebrity and was having a very difficult time dealing with it. He had no prior experience of how to go about helping his patient. I can only hope one of the Look Alikes he spoke with was able to give him some light on the matter. Looking back at that time we were pioneers in the industry showing and representing this very specialized group of actors into mainstream entertainment. Now my talent are booked for Film, TV, Print, Webisodes, Commercials, Live Performances, and Corporate Events all over the world.

I have researched and come to find out that there is not a whole lot of data on this particular phenomenon. Recently I was introduced to the author Aubrey Nye who has published a book called Mirror Images. The book was about her experiences talking to and meeting with regular, everyday people and finding out how, having an identical “you”, affects their lives and how that changed each other’s lives in bizarre ways. Here is an excerpt highlighting this strange phenomenon that some have who have looked like celebrities have turned into careers;

You walk into a room and there in front of you is not a ghost, but the actual person that you know is dead. You have just talked to a friend in another country and suddenly they appear, walking down the street. You approach them, calling their name, but they do not recognize you. You see your wife sitting at the bar, talking to another man. You go over to her and she vehemently denies knowing you, showing you her license which is not that of your wife. You are sitting at a bus stop and suddenly see an old friend of yours get off the bus, but they have not aged for 20 years, and when you say their name, they look. The police come knocking at your door to arrest you for a crime you did not commit, and yet there was a witness that will swear it was you. Reference

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