Robin Williams – Look and Sound Alike

Here you have a very unusual comedic performer. Not only does he look just like Mr. Williams but he is able to recreate his voice, mannerisms, and timing. Which for this particular celebrity is not an easy task. David now has a 70-minute show incorporating material from Mr. Williams’ various roles and is able to write personalized material suited directly to the client or event, which is seamless, leaving the audience unable to tell where Mr. Williams’ banter starts and David’s finishes. Quite an accomplishment.

Mirror Images loves working with these highly trained professionals to bring the complete illusion to every event.

The GodFather – Look and Sound Alike

This character is possibly one of the most recognizable of modern film history. We use him not only for corporate events but for many projects in film and tv. This character is timeless and is used over and over again. This particular look is not easy to find in an actor. Mr. Brando was certainly a unique actor, who was old school in his acting technique which certainly came across on the big screen in all of his roles.

Mirror Images loves to share these characters with our clients, especially when used in the correct setting.

Tom Cruise Look and Sound Alike

Mr. Cruise has had a very diverse career which allows our Tom Cruise celebrity Look Alike to play many different roles, such as characters from Risky Business, Top Gun, and Mission Impossible to name just a few. Always a great crowd pleaser.

Mirror Images is very happy to say we have the Top Tom Cruise Look and Sound Alike in the business.

Luke Skywalker – Look and Sound Alike

Icons like this are hard to find let alone have great footage of them in character. This particular actor brings the persona and fun side of the character to his performances. It’s easier to be a Stormtrooper or Chewbacca as they are in costume and very little dialogue. So when a Celebrity Look Alike comes along willing to put this kind of time and effort into it is very refreshing.

Mirror Images is a big fan of all the Star Wars Epic Films and hopes to continue the legend through our very talented Look Alikes.

Danny Devito – Look Alike

A man of many talents, here he is playing a role in a commercial (which his voice is overdubbed). It shows his acting diversity bringing Mr. Devito’s great sense of timing and camera presence to the piece.

Mirror Images casts many world wide productions including webisodes, corporate events, film, tv, print and much more.

Michelle and Barack Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton – Look Alikes

This weekly TV show called “Lip Sync Battle” starring Terry Crews is aired live and used these political Look Alikes for a dance routine. TV shows are set up with their own stage and crew. Scripted weeks and sometimes months ahead. They usually like to bring the talent in for a rehearsal prior to the show.

Mirror Images likes to work on these types of shows this allows the talent to gain access to professional on-air PR video for their portfolios.

Patti LaBelle, Tina Turner, Liza Minelli – Female Impersonators

These fabulous female impersonators were cast in a feature Film “Miss Congeniality Two” starring Sandra Bullock. We had several days of shooting some very long days and through to the wee hours of the morning. Mirror Images was able to get them invited to the red carpet, a first for any female impersonator. They also performed at the after party a very rewarding experience. To this day they are still receiving residuals.

Mirror Images feels a great sense of satisfaction in casting and negotiation these roles in such a highly successful movie.

Kim Kardashian – Look Alike

In this instance, our Kim Kardashian Look Alike talent is used for the illusion of her attending this event. Lots of quick shots and angles. This was used for a YouTube piece, typically one-day shoot. Production was quite high and took several weeks of preparation. Talent will come to location camera ready, meaning makeup and hair done. Wardrobe will be decided when they get there, talent will bring several costumes for the director to choose or they may have an outfit especially made.

Mirror Images works with the casting director, producer and or the director to attain all details on what is expected from the talent and what the talent can expect from the production company.

John F Kennedy and Jackie O – Look Alikes

This particular piece was a promotional video for a TV show that had just finished playing in the US and was about to be launched in the UK. We cast the talent in the US and then they were flown to the UK for the shoot. They traveled to London’s capital in an authentic motor cade riding in an original Lincoln Continental four door convertible. Passed Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament with hoards of onlookers cheering as they went by.

Mirror Images prides itself in finding the “very hard to find” spot on Look Alikes for these exceptional one-off PR pieces.

Richard Nixon – Look Alike and Sound Alike

Here is an incidence of a past President being used for a voice over. We have put together a slideshow for visual purposes. Sound Alikes are used for radio commercials, sound bites and video dubbing. In this case, the Sound Alike also happens to be a Look Alike. In many of these cases for voice over talent that is not necessary.

Mirror Images has a large catalog of celebrity voice over artists that only work in this field.