About Us

Vision & Mission

As the top Look Alike agency, Mirror Images continues to pride itself on presenting its clients in the most professional light possible. “In a profession that is clearly maturing and gradually winning the status it deserves, clients need protection,” Findlater comments. “Sadly Look Alikes  (the vast majority of which are trained professional actors and actresses) do not receive the treatment they deserve. As far as I am concerned, Mirror Images is out to change that and set a new industry standard.”

Supplying professional actors and actresses to many facets of the entertainment business, the company’s clients’ appear in an abundance of commercials across the world advertising well-known consumer brands (whether on camera or behind the microphone). In film, clients appear as doubles; in flashback scenes depicting well-known Hollywood stars as well as TV’s political satire programming, biographies, and comedy sketches.

Many leading corporations hire for corporate events national and internationally. Findlater adds that each entertainer (beyond being a Look Alike) is required to “be a performer, adopt the appropriate persona, impersonate, ad-lib, and present themselves as professional, consummate actors.”