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Solutions for your virtual event

Looking for a seamless fun appearance for you next virtual meeting? Here we are! Mirror Images staff and talent can mix up a great cocktail to suite your virtual needs. Have our talent host your event, drop into your meeting, deliver your company message, even perform for your attendees. Our tech team and talent will be there to walk through the experience with your vision. add company branding, special effects? We can go live or pre-record your content… Just let us know.

Virtual Events

For those who spend hours every week on video conference calls, joining a virtual event can be exhausting. Keep your team, company, or audience engaged and delighted as they zoom through your virtual event, large or small. Whether a talented Look Alike actor with the personality to match, or a larger-than-life M.C. with the chops to handle any situation, Mirror Images is ready to help you create a an online experience your viewers won’t soon forget.

Virtual Summit or Conference Host

Both Look Alikes and Master of Ceremonies-style hosts are available to guide and entertain participants throughout your virtual event.

Keynote Speaker

Set the tone at the outset of your virtual event with a charming “special guest speaker” to surprise and excite your attendees.

Cameo Appearance

Need a quick jolt of energy to delight and impress your audience? Mirror Image Look Alikes are waiting in the wings for a brief, online, cameo appearance.

Musical or Dramatic Performance

Break up the day and captivate attendees with a musical number that will have them dancing in front of their devices. Or keep them engrossed in an engaging performance that inspires, amuses, or moves them to tears. Whatever the mood and moment you are reaching for, Mirror Image Look Alikes are ready to bring it to you.

Team Building

Whether Mirror Images’ Star Lord is guiding your corporate employees through a team building exercise with his trademark, bumbling humor, Michelle Obama is inspiring your non-profit staff with her wise words and kind smile, adding that entertaining spark will keep your team building event top of mind for a long time to come.